1st July will be remembered as a historical change in India. GST is a reality now, the implementation of GST brings the biggest revolution in India. As GST is new for business people and there are number of business men that are not ready to accept GST by open heart, but soon they will be going to realize that due to GST ,the GDP of the country would be improve and it will be consider as long term impact.
As there is more transparency in Tax more revenue will be earned by entrepreneurs and Government that is why GST will left positive impact on most of the sectors such as big or small entrepreneurs.
According to GST guidelines Axn Technologies a software company made a GST accounting software in Indiathat is suitable for all kind of business,

What common men feel about GST?
If inflation increases then common man have to suffer a lot there is no doubt that GST is bit of responsible to hike price of some product that keep the products far from common man hand.
As everything has pros and cons same with the GST, as GST is accepted by all the states and now it is in implementation from 1st July .Overall GST is good for all

Why should choose TruGST?
In this we explain how to proceed in TruGST software or we can say complete GST solution. As it is need of business person and this GST ready accounting software is very easy to understand and is 100 % secure by any kind of virus and data theft.
According to GST council under GST a registered dealer has to file returns that includes purchases, sales,GST on sales, so by the help of truGST software anyone can keep track all the data easily.

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